26 November 2010


"The Day That Never Comes"


Born to push you around, (that you absolutely are) Better just stay down. (is it surrender?...no, it isn't) You pull away, (as you wish) He hits the flesh, (absolutely not my soul) You hit the ground. (just for a moment babe...wait until my resurrection day)

Mouth so full of lies, (it's smelly too ) Tend to black your eyes. (but not my holy heart) Just keep them closed, (as closed as you are) Keep praying, (that is our strength) Just keep waiting. (waiting for our moments of glory, our pride & our joy)

(Chorus:) Waiting for the one! (the only one nothing but the one, but don't call me 'hai one') The day that never comes! (but, still waiting for the day) When you stand up and feel the warmth! (just feel and breathe the clean air) But the sunshine never comes! (why? are you shy Mr. Sunshine) No the sun shine never comes. (yes, it will comes...the truth is out there)

Push you cross that line, (not quite indeed...i'm still behind the line) Just stay down this time. (be full of energy, wait for our time) Hide in yourself, (...but listen closely because it whispers) Crawl in yourself, (let your heart guide you...) You'll have your time. (a time for revenged...a punishment hour)

God I'll make them pay, (yes, i will make them suffer...u pay for that damn bitch!) Take it back one day. (the life that they took away from me...i want it back!) I'll end this day, (with the smile on our faces) I'll splatter color on this gray. (just to show the colour of truth)

(Chorus) Waiting for the one! (the one that make me strong through my entire life) The day that never comes! (just believe it will comes...i want to believed) When you stand up and feel the warmth! (stand with my own feet) But the sunshine never comes! (but it will comes behind the shadow...)

Love is a four letter word! (yup, L.O.V.E is just a four letter word but with four thousand meanings...it takes four seconds to say 'I love you' but a lifetime to prove it) And never spoken here! (because its mute) Love is a four letter word! (love is like an eternal flame, once it's hit, it will continue to burn for all time) Here in this prison! (I was trapped in pains, fears and fantasies) I suffer this no longer! (yeah...you will see) I'll put an end to, (the end of your cruelty and the end of my suffer)

This I swear! (by the moon and the stars in the sky) This I swear! (for better or worse) The sun will shine! (when the dark shadow is truly dissapeared) This I swear! (this i promised you) This I swear! (and we'll get there) This I SWEAR!!! (until death do us part we'll be together)

*nota kaki berbau : "it's better to burn out than to fade away”

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